It’s Joining Time!

Do you remember this square that I started months ago?  I am finally at the joining part!  And I did say that I would provide an update once I got there, just in case you wanted to make one yourself.

So here it is all laid out…


I ended up making 54 squares, 9 of each variation (plus some extras we won’t mention because I kept making the wrong ones near the end!).  We’ve gone with a kind of random layout.  To achieve that I started with a single row of 6 with each one laid out in it and then made sure that each row of 6 had only one copy of the square in it.  I also made sure that the outer row colour was not touching a side of a square with the same colour on any of it’s sides.  Once laid out I tried to make sure there weren’t too many of the same coloured centres next to each other, and moved them around in the row of 6 if I needed to.

To join I am just using a single crochet (double crochet for UK) into each stitch.  I’m placing the wrong sides together and working through the stitch of each square.  we’re using a darker teal for the join.  It’s working.  I kind of like the idea of using a totally different and contrasting colour, but that will be something we try another time!  In the corner I am working a stitch in the horizontal corner spaces and then across to the diagonal corner and then in the next horizontal space.

Usually when it’s time to join I leave them all laid out and work my way through them.  We have a big puppy now though, and he thought it was ok to lay on them all!  So I have taken a photo for reference and I’m checking that off as I go.

So what do you think?  I’ve made this my weekday project for now as it’s exciting to get to the end!  I’m also working the ends in as I go.  I sewed them into each square as I finished it and I’m sewing in the ones that I can’t crochet in of the joins too.

Once I get them all joined I’m hoping to work two rows of this dark colour around the edge in single crochet (double crochet for UK) before deciding on a border.  The border will need to be designed with the recipient’s input as well, so I will keep you up to date once I get to that part too!

Seona x

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