Going Live!

Going live!.png

Last week I did my first ever facebook live!

This is something that I have decided to do on a weekly basis within my facebook group for Help and Ideas.  Something I’ve discovered during my workshops is that many people are self taught crocheters and they have learned from you tube videos or from what family or friends have shown them.  This means that there is gap in their knowledge and I would like to help fill that gap.

And how I am doing that is through facebook live sessions, in the group, and addressing what members most need to know.  Think of it as having a teacher always on hand for you!

I am looking to evolve this into a membership site and those people that are in the group will be offered founding member prices.  It will never cost you much, but I promise that once I have the membership ready that you will get more than just the lessons!  That’s a short whiles off though, so for now being part of the live videos is free.

If you want the opportunity to participate live and to have a say in what I present, then I urge you to join my facebook group now.  Once the membership is up and running, the live option will be in the members group, but I will always share the videos to this original group once they’re done.  So either way you’re winning!  And how much better will it be to ask someone directly to answer your question than it will be to scroll and search you tube for the answer?!

Anyway, if you would like to see my first facebook live, you can too!  I covered my Forever Eileen pattern as it seemed fitting to honour my Grannie with my first one.  You can see it here on you tube or here on my facebook page.

I do hope that you will join me, as it is my mission to share my love and passion for crochet with everyone!

Seona xx


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