Stitch Pattern Guide – Waffle Stitch

I used the waffle stitch recently in one of my washcloths – the Waffle – and thought I would share the pattern guide so that you can create your own makes with the waffle stitch.

There are different versions of the waffle stitch, but I like this one as it is quick to pick up and shows on both sides, which makes it reversible.

The key to this stitch is the front post double crochet. If you’re new to the stitch, then you will want to check out my tutorial for the stitch here.

So here is the guide!

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Seona x

One thought on “Stitch Pattern Guide – Waffle Stitch

  1. Hi Seona, just learnt sprig stitch. Dhall try to forward photos of sprig stitch, blue-green and apricot popcorn stitch for you to see.


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