Iris -Goddess of Rainbows

The wait is finally over! I am now allowed to share this new pattern with you!

Yasmin from BelleMae Yarns asked me early this year if I could design a square that could be used with her birthday Lola’s. She requested a square that could encourage crocheters to step outside the box with her Lola yarns, and would allow them to create anything they wanted, but could also be used to make a single blanket.

I believe I delivered!

This square is known as Iris – Goddess of Rainbows. She has been named this because we were going with a them. And as Lolas come in so many colour options Iris seemed fitting. To top it off, one of my great grandmothers was named Iris Annie so the name just had to be. The other beauty of this square is that it can be made into a blanket, a table runner, a poncho -or anything! You can even reduce the number of rounds and turn it into a coaster. AND, there is a three round repeat for those that want it to just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Now these have been designed for use with a 300g or 500g Lola, but that doesn’t mean that you can only use a Lola yarn or limit yourself to these sizea. You can use pretty much any yarn that you prefer.

Now let me tell you get in the pattern.

No matter what your skill level you will have everything you need to make it. The pattern comes with written instructions (both UK and US terms), instructions for every stitch, a picture guide, a chart and a step by step video. I have given instructions for joining as you go if you want to create individual squares. and instructions for continuing on to make a single piece blanket. When it comes to the border of the blanket I have provided 3 different options that can be adapted to the amount of yarn you have left.

And if you like the poncho below I have provided guidance for how to make that too!

Now this pattern is only currently available here and is at a reduced price for a very limited time.

If you haven’t seen the birthday Lola’s yet, then you’re going to be in for a delightful treat! I’ve purchased some for myself and look forward to playing with them some more! Each of them have a silver thread beginner and a bold edge. It’s almost like the border is built in to the yarn. The finished designs of the patterns work in beautifully with the yarn and the pattern and the yarns have all been named with a God and Godesses theme.

So wait no longer! It’s time to purchase Iris – Goddess of Rainbows.

Seona xx

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