Square a Day Challenge!

Are you ready for a new and improved square a day challenge?

I’ve been running the Square a Day Challenge for a few years now, and it has evolved over the time. It originally ran as a 30 day challenge to help create a crochet habit. Then in late 2021 I changed it to a 5 day challenge to help crocheters learn to read patterns. And NOW it is a challenge designed specifically to help you learn to crochet.

Why the change?

Because I have learned the power it brings to helping people to learn crochet. While the possiblity to learn crochet was always there, it wasn’t the intent. But there were lots of people that did learn to crochet during the challenge, so now that has become the focus!

So how have I changed it?

I have created a hub to house all of the videos and patterns. It is designed especially for the challenge to make it easier to find all of the content.

I have changed out two of the squares and changed the order of them so that we start with the most basic and work on latering different techniques that crocheters can learn as they develop their skills.

And I have refilmed all of the videos. They’re slower. They cover the entire round, not just the part you need to know before it repeats. And they have an introduction and reflection too. And even more exciting is that the hub allows you to search for words said during a video! So if you need to go back to something you remember me saying, then you can!

If you’ve been in the challenge before and want to rejoin, then you can! It is still a great challenge for those that already know how to crochet, and I know that many of my Hooked on Crochet Club members will also be participating. There will be two new sqaures that you haven’t tried before and you’ll have the fun of being in an active crochet community while the challenge is open. There is a small cost involved now of $5AUD, but I am sure that you will agree that the content and value that you receive is worth much more than that – in fact it’s worth $155! And you’ll be getting it all for just $5AUD.

So are you ready for 5 squares in 5 days for $5?!

The challenge runs from the 06th to the 10th February, so share with a friend and come and learn to crochet with me!

Check it out and sign up at here:

Seona x

One thought on “Square a Day Challenge!

  1. Good evening Seona,

    Unfortunately I won’t be joining for I am financially unable to contribute. We are in a recession here in Quebec, Canada and every penny unless absolutely necessary stays in the bank.

    Best regards



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