Do you want to learn to crochet?

Do you want to learn to crochet? Or maybe you know someone that does? Then I am here to help!

I remember watching my granny crochet and thinking it looked super hard. Her hook used to go at (what looked like) 100 miles an hour and it all looked so tricky making the yarn do things with only one “magic stick” that appeared to be going all over the place. Knitting appeared much easier. From the outside watching it looked much simpler to make sense of how things were done as there were two “sticks” and they seemed to be in a bit more control than that hook.

Because of how difficult it looked I didn’t even think to ask my Granny to teach me. It didn’t seem to be something that I would be able to get my head around as just watching her it did not seem possible that the one hook could make stitches that did not fall apart. And because my head couldn’t make sense of what she was doing while I watched, I never asked.

Fast forward another 30+ years and I ended up teaching myself to crochet! And it wasn’t as hard as it first seemed! It still does look like a bunch of hocus pocus, but in the end I found it much easier to learn and adapt than when I learned to knit. There is a lot more about crochet that actually makes sense to me than knitting ever did.

And I love to share what I have learned with others to help them learn too!

Which is why I created my free crochet beginners guide. This guide teaches you everything that you need to know to get started. And I urge anyone that has tried and failed before to give it a go. Too often I see people jumping in too deep before they’ve learned to swim when it comes to learning to crochet. Trying to make stitches and create a project before you’ve gotten comfortable holding the hook and yarn and creating a chain is going to make it seem harder to do than it really is. I understand the desire to just want to start making things – but trust me when I say that you’ll learn so much faster if you start with the basics.

So if you’re keen to get started with learning to crochet, then step 1 is to download my free guide! Step 2 is to learn to hold the hook and yarn and make a slip knot and chain. And step 3 is to start with the basic stitches. Once you’re comfortable with those 3 steps, then you can start to look at creating something!

Are you ready to start learning?

Seona x

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