Calming Crochet Stitch Designs

If you ask someone why they crochet, one of the most frequent answers given is that it feels so calming. When you’re able to just let the hook and the yarn do it’s thing, then it can be one of the most meditative crafts that I have ever tried.

Anyone that crochets and is not feeling the calming effects is probably in the midst of learning or they’ve taken on a project that is currently above their skill level.

One of the common traits with all of my designs – whether in my store or in the Hooked on Crochet Club – is that if I didn’t find the design calming while I was designing it, then I won’t publish it. If I found myself getting constantly frustrated or if it just feels like too much effort to produce the design, then I won’t put anyone else through it either. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t parts of some projects that are less calming or less enjoyable, but on the whole, they need to feel calming for me to publish.

Having said all that, I thought I would share some of my favourite, more calming designs, but before I do I will also share what qualities make a proejct calming and what doesn’t (to me).

The first is very few colour changes. I always find myslef getting frustrated if colour changes happen too frequently. I find that it interupts the rhythm and flow of what I am doing, which is why you’ll find my squares are rarely in multiple colours. If it is a larger project then colour changes every three to four rows is doable. This is why I have a love of gradient yarns – the colour changes are done for me, and they’re even more exciting when you can see one coming up!

The second is minimal counting. I don’t enjoy having to keep track of the total number of stitches. When I have to make a long chain I do it in multiples of 10 or 12 and use a counter to keep track of how many times I had to count that high. I prefer the stitch design to have an easy to remember stitch pattern, and one that doesn’t have me counting any higher than 5 too often. It needs a rythm. It needs some logic. When it has all those things it is easy to forget everything else and just make the stitches.

And the final thing that is essential to keeping me calm and enjoying it – it cannot go on forever. Or at least feel like it’s not taking for ever. That means the rows can’t be too long. The rounds can’t take an eternity to get through. If they do, then they need to be somewhat engaging or allow me to just get in the flow and not have to pay too much attention.

Is that how it is for you too?

Here are some of my most calming designs…

My Forever Eileen blanket. This is one that I designed from blankets my Granny made. Now it breaks the rule of colour changes BUT the rows are long enough that it doesn’t feel like the hundreds of changes that it is. And there is a reason that my Granny made so many! Once the foundation rows are made then the counting only really needs to happen when a new repeat starts. The rest then takes care of itself.

Any of my designs for gradient yarns like Lola or Scheepes Whirl. These all have minimal counting and are the perfect size for not getting tired of them before they’re done. And there aren’t any tricky stitches either, but just enough to keep it interesting and still calming. I’m currently remaking my fan whirl, which also has a blanket in the same stitch design. My boho one is the most popular one sold!

And let’s not forget my washcloths! There are so many of them now – more than 30. And each and every one of them is calming to me and the perfect sized project to find out what is the most calming to you. And once you figure that out it is much easier to avoid what you don’t enjoy. And each design comes with notes on how to make it different so that you can start creating your own blankets or other designs from my washcloths.

That should be plenty to keep you busy! Let me know what you find calming too. There is a possibility that what is calming to me might not be calming to you…

Seona x

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